“The night beyond the boughs” in Necessary Fiction

My story “The night beyond the boughs” is online at Necessary Fiction.

“I didn’t go to the funeral. My grief was too obtuse, too childish to be experienced communally. Instead I put on a black concert tee and watched infomercials like we sometimes did. It took the television twenty-eight minutes to sell us any old thing. Not that either of us had any money. Magic brooms, toilet brushes, stain removers. So many of those pitches were about cleanliness, I see now. People will give anything to feel clean.” Continue here.

“Stomping grounds” appears in the 2019 Hobart baseball issue

My essay “Stomping Grounds” was included in the 2019 Hobart baseball issue.

“Bucking modern trends, the ballpark remained nameless. From the day it opened in 1984 to its closure in fall 1996, the naming rights were never sold, or considered for sale. No aspect of its marketability was discussed in any boardroom. Memorabilia was not available for purchase. There were zero replica helmets, zero foam fingers. Concessions were nonexistent. The playing field was not defined by a single iconic feature. There was no long-enduring hand-operated scoreboard. Ivy did not cling to the outfield walls. If anything, the venue was defined by its near-constant evolution.” Continue here.

“What was lost in the waning light” appears in Atticus Review

My story “What was lost in the waning light” is now live at Atticus Review.

“Dusk enters the harbor like an uninvited party guest, sharply dressed but sinisterly unshaven, flashing smiles at windows glazed orange by the setting sun so that someone looking up the hillside from shore – retirees, let’s say, dragging a pair of corgis along the pier, or hard-boiled lonesome men dangling fishing poles, or kids clutching ice-cream cones on the verge of collapse – might mistakenly think in the fractional moment before their brains catch up to their senses that a hundred rectangular fires are smoldering among the firs.” Continue here.

“The helium’s rise” available at WhiskeyPaper

My story, “The helium’s rise,” is now available at WhiskeyPaper.

“Five-year-old Cornelia has hacked off her hair with pink scissors. Her mother walks in and sees long locks, peach-scented, corn-husk blond, scotch-taped to a doll’s rubber head.

The doll needed hair, Cornelia says, her voice a whispered poem, her scabbed knees cratering the carpet. Who knows why they’re scabbed? The girl is reckless, always running, always falling. The scabs never get a chance to heal.” Continue here.

“The final accident report filed by National Transportation Safety Board Investigator Maxwell Burns” ends its run at Novella-T

My novella, “The final accident report filed by National Transportation Safety Board Investigator Maxwell Burns,” ended its run this week over at Novella-T. It was serialized and sent to subscribers in four parts beginning Sept. 1.

“Passenger 1 is not afraid to fly. He is not afraid of anything. When he was twelve years old and his stepfather pressed the barrel of a gun to his temple and told him that he, the stepfather, was not be fucked with, Passenger 1 paused briefly for effect before responding coolly that he wasn’t afraid. He didn’t know why he wasn’t afraid. He’d somehow just always known that there isn’t anything in life he can’t handle, so there is really no reason to fear anything ever, especially not a pudgy repressed asshole like his stepfather.”